A Little Bit About Lola’s

Located on an amazing beach offering the freshest food and friendliest service in the most tropical and beautiful surroundings! Please come join us for lunch in Playa Avellana.

Lola’s uses organic produce, free-range organic chicken and eggs, and grass-fed organic beef. We recycle, compost (or feed Lolita!) and convert fryer oil to biodiesel. We support the local communities, police, schools, children’s advocacy groups, lifeguards, beach clean-ups, animal clinics, a variety of local charities and several environmental projects. Our wastewater treatment facility supplies clean water for our reforestation projects and gardens. We have eliminated all plastic cups, bottles, carry-out containers and straws.

Lola’s is climate-neutral and has been since we opened in 1998. We hire locally and think of our loyal and conscientious employees as family. Your patronage contributes directly to our efforts and is greatly appreciated!

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