About Us

We are Terry and Sandy Peterman and Mark and Roberta Hammer, and we are Canadians from the Calgary area of Alberta Canada. Sandy and I are semi-retired now, but have an online business to attend to. Mark and Roberta are active grain farmers with a large operation in Central Alberta. this gives us all the freedom to run from the cold when winter sets in up north.

We are now landholders in Orchard Park, and are partners with Mark and Roberta in developing some properties that we call Paraiso de Vida, at Orchard Park.


Our vision is to develop a pod of properties with single-family vacation homes that are attractive as rental properties, and / or a place to call home. We have completed step one of this mission with the Fall (spring in Costa Rica) 2017 completion of PdV1, a 3-bedroom, 3 bathroom home with lots of indoor and outdoor living space, and an infinity edge plunge pool with beautiful jungle views.

Sandy and I have always liked Latin American culture and the people, and after a few years of looking at Mexico, (the Riviera Nyarit area near Puerto Vallarta) as a place to invest in property and to spend the winter months, we came to Costa Rica for the first time in 2012 for a one-month vacation.

First steps

We started in Tamarindo, and from there began venturing out to find other beautiful beach areas with a potential to invest in that was perhaps not yet fully discovered. North of Tamarindo did not appeal to us as it seemed that the beach towns were already well established, so the next logical direction was south.

Bumpy along down the rough and dusty coastal road through Pinilla, Avellanas, and Playa Negra/Los Pargos, along came Junquillal. Our property manager and landlord at the time had told us that there was a pocket of Canadians in this little area with a name we could not yet pronounce. As we drove through the area, checking out the little areas of development, down near Las Brisas we see a sign, properties for sale, with an obvious Canadian email address, and here enters “Canadian Bob” to the picture. Turns out we had mutual acquaintances as we are both from Alberta, and only a couple hours’ drive apart.

From that chance meeting came a purchase of one lot from Bob in 2013, and in 2014 we added our good friends and partners to the mix, and bought the shares of a holding company that contained 4 more pieces of property, three in the ‘A’ lots in Orchard park, and one more down on Calle Esperanza, between Playa Blanca and Playa Callejones.

Discovering Paradise

After discovering the more genial access road that comes from Tamarindo to 27 de Abril, we could see that the large wide gravel highway was obviously destined for improvements, and that became a reality one year, and then the welcome addition of bridges confirmed my belief that Junquillal area is the next place to be discovered. Driving in from Ventisiete through Las Delicias, Rio Seco, and Paraiso, you can’t help but fall in love with this place! Close to the airport (same distance and time as Tama-town), good roads, and beautiful beaches! Here we are in the Paradise of Life, Paraiso de Vida!

We are happy to be apart of this wonderful community, and to contribute with the vision of responsible and sustainable growth in the area attracting like-minded people that want to live in harmony with nature, the local community, and to share all that this country has to offer!

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