The Covid-19 global pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on the economy of the Avellanas Area, on the northern coast of Costa Rica: Playa Avellanas, San Jose de Pinilla, and Playa Lagartillo.

Thankfully, the virus itself has yet to touch the families who live in our region, but the tourism industry has been shattered. Tourism is #1 employer in the region, and as many as 90% of residents of these communities are now unable to work, earn money, pay their bills, and feed their families.

In times of crisis such as natural disasters, local businesses typically team up to alleviate the pain. This time, the local business community has also been crippled by the global travel shutdown.

This is why the Asociación de Desarrollo de Playa Avellanas, ADIPA with a group of neighbors from the area
and Nandamojo Chamber of Commerce (an advocate of area businesses for over 8 years) has started a food drive.

Please visit our website for more information and make your donation for this cause and help us help our local communities in these times of crisis.


Any donation counts! $40 will provide one food hamper and feed a family of four for two weeks. Please donate for our local communities Playa Avellanas, San José de Pinilla, and Playa Lagartillo.

All money collected will be used to buy food for the households of the region solely through ADIPA, Nandamojo Chamber of Commerce.