I’m Jeremie a French surfer getting out of the stress of the city and my wife Maria Chilean girl, Yoga teacher and Massage therapist. We met each other in Costa Rica paradise and we decided to start our life together here out of all that we knew. Already 10 years have passed following our dream to live a simple surfer’s life with our 5 year old son Noe. Now our dream has come true, we have built our family enterprise, an “eco lodge” to receive all those on vacations who want to enjoy the simplicity of nature and to know the “Pura Vida” which for us means “do not hurry, relax and everything is going to be allright!”

We have special programs in our lodge for surfers and health ,

  • Surfers guide packages
  • Yoga retreats package
  • Adventures tours package
  • 1 week vacations / All included!

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