An accredited surf school, at Playa Negra SUP Wave Riders we offer both private and group lessons designed to help you improve your skills while having a great time. Lessons include options for total beginners, intermediate, and advanced practitioners of this sport.

When talking to SUP Wave Riders’ owner Kevin Moorhead, we asked about what brought him to Playa Negra in the first place. – “Drug running for the CIA in the days of the Contras brought me to Costa Rica”, he jokes… But real reasons are -to name a few-: the diverse and abundant wildlife, mangroves, rivers and pristine beaches, howler monkeys, turtles, awesome birds and all kinds of nature manifestations, probably caught some of their attention and decided to offer a great experience in the Nandamojo Valley area, which naturally offers a lot of the beauty, adding the fun portion with SUP tours and lessons.

Girls on SUP tour

Playa Negra SUP Wave Riders have been doing the Estuary and SUP in the ocean tours for about 4 years and the areas they cover are usually Venado (estuary), Playa Negra, Playa Avellanas and for special requests and longer tours we enjoy showing clients the serenity and beauty of pirates’ bay, a little further north of Tamarindo.

The flexibility of SUP is what really draws peoples’ attention. It is great for all ages, the very young can sit on the front with an adult paddling and active youngsters that can paddle on their own are supplied with smaller boards. Elderly people find it very relaxing and especially convenient when they want to rest, it is easy to kneel on the board or sit down. The age range is for anyone who is willing and physically able to get on the board.

family on SUP tour in the estuary

The popular birds and wildlife that can be seen on the estuary tour includes cormorants, ibis, different herons, egrets, sandpipers, raccoons, lizards, small water snakes and manta rays. On the open water ocean tours you could see turtles, whales, many different species of fish, spotted eagle rays, pelicans and water snakes. We encourage first time paddle boarders to experience the estuary tour and then they can decide if they would like to try the ocean tour.

“Our purpose and passion is to connect you with the essence and magic of nature and to inspire new awareness.
Contact us with your Bucket List SUP and SUP-SURF desires and we’ll make it happen!”

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